Posted by: plreber | May 14, 2009

July Events

Saturday, July 4th

Creswell’s 4th of July Celebration — Dedication of Garden Lake Ron Petitti Pavilion

Join the Coast Fork Watershed Council and the Creswell community for a very special July 4th celebration when the Garden Lake Ron Petitti Pavilion will be dedicated.  The Council welcomes all volunteers who would like to help us table at this exciting event.

Between 2006 and 2009, the City of Creswell, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Coast Fork Willamette Watershed Council, and hundreds of volunteers have conducted a habitat restoration project on 11 acres of the park. Their combined efforts have resulted in removal of invasive blackberry, Scot’s broom, and English ivy species plus 2,300 native species plantings and 40 lbs. of native seed to increase native plant density and diversity. These plants will mature, without being taken over by invasive species.  This will preserve open space near Creswell and create more shade on Hill Creek and Garden Lake ponds, which will improve the riparian habitat.

The Garden Lake Park pavilion will feature interpretive signage illustrating the sustainable design aspects of the pavilion, ecological aspects of the park, historical significance of the area, and ongoing restoration efforts taking place in the park. It is intended to allow park visitors to understand the environment and act as environmental stewards. The rooftop solar panel to generate electricity for lighting is intended to educate the public about renewable energy sources.

The pavilion, which is expected to be completed by June 15, will be dedicated to the memory of Creswell’s late mayor Ron Petitti, who donated hundreds of hours of his time to Garden Lake Park’s transformation from water-filled former gravel pits to an invaluable community resource.

The pavilion project itself began after the city was awarded a $50,000 Youth Legacy Grant by Oregon Parks & Recreation Department, the Marines donated labor estimated to have a value of $60,000, EPUD donated the solar panels and other community members and organizations have contributed cash, materials, and labor.

July 10 – 19 Bohemia Mining Days Celebration

at Cottage Grove

The Watershed Council will be tabling during three days of this event!  Please call the office at 797-9717 to see how you can represent the Council and be part of this exciting community event.


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