Posted by: plreber | November 30, 2008

November Events Updates

At the Creswell Garden Park, November 22nd, more than 20 eager-to-work folks showed up to help plant trees and perform other needed activities, including members of the University of Oregon softball team.  Another great day where great people helped the Garden Park Restoration Project continue its great success.


At the Holiday Open House, November 19th, about 20 members of the Coast Fork Council and other interested community members got together for an early holiday celebration.  Attendees had an opportunity to give the present that keeps on growing by donating to the Council.  Those who donated will have a tree planted in their honor and received their choice of a unique, original block print by Cottage Grove artist Tony Willey.   Fern Hill Nursery also provided many native species for purchase.  Coordinator Pam Reber presented an overview of the year’s activities and the Biennial Report was available.  Stephanie Schroeder, from Willama Restoration Project, described the success of the STREAM education program:  Students Trained in River Enhancement, Assessment, and Monitoring. Over 150 Cottage Grove students benefited from  water quality and riparian health curriculum during the 2007-08 school year.


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