Posted by: plreber | September 16, 2008

September 24th Public Mtg

joan-hagar-flyer_sept-2408Coast Fork Willamette Watershed Council presents:

Joan Hagar, USGS Researcher
‘How Hardwoods Provide Habitat’
Wednesday, September 24th 7-8:30pm

Join Us! Free & open to the public! Questions? 767-9717
Cottage Grove Community Center
700 E. Gibbs, downtown Cottage Grove

The research of Joan Hagar is relevant for foresters and residential landowners alike. By broadening our understanding of the role of hardwoods, choices about plantings and management strategies can be made that benefit native species in conjunction with their primary purpose of economic output, beautification or shade.

Hardwoods = Broadleaf trees, shrubs, and herbs* that are not conifers, non-coniferous vegetation

Hardwoods make a vital contribution to ecosystem function and diversity in Pacific Northwest conifer forests. At least 78 forest-dwelling wildlife species (vertebrates) in Oregon and Washington are strongly associated with non-coniferous vegetation, primarily because of the diversity of food resources provided. A rich community of herbs, shrubs, and broad-leaved trees provides the foundation for food webs in Pacific Northwest conifer forests. Given the number of species associated with hardwoods in conifer-dominated forests, maintaining habitats that support diverse plant communities, particularly broad-leaved trees and shrubs, can be an important component of management strategies intended to foster biodiversity.
*okay, herbs are not hardwoods, but for this they are lumped in as ‘non-coniferous’.


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