Posted by: plreber | May 22, 2008

Cottage Grove SOLV Event a Success

From the Front page of the CG Sentinel:

Grovers clean up despite stifling heat
Posted: Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

Despite the grueling 90-degree weather, more than 50 volunteers helped beautify Cottage Grove Saturday for the annual Down By The Riverside citywide cleanup event.

“I feel very fortunate that 50 people showed up today in the heat,” Community Coordinator Teresa Cowan said.

The City of Cottage Grove teamed up with the Coast Fork Willamette Watershed Council and the event sponsor, SOLV, to engage in restoration projects throughout the community .

The volunteers picked up trash and removed ivy and blackberries at local worksites, including Coiner Park, East Regional Park, Silk Creek Park, Riverside Park and the Row River Trail.

Cowan said the event was not only to give the City a face-lift , but also to educate the community about invasive plant and weed removal. “We’re trying to tackle those issues teach them, educate them,” she said.

After the four-hour event, the volunteers were treated to a barbeque in Coiner Park for their hard work and dedication to keep the City clean. Judd Van Gorder of Carousel House Catering supplied the food, and random drawings for prizes were also held.

All of the prizes and snacks were donated from local businesses, like Safeway, Ray’s Food Place, Wal-Mart , Costco, the Bookmine, Shoestrings, Shady Oaks and Fleurde-Lis . Cowan is amazed at the donations this year from the community , especially in this hard economic time.

“I’ve been pretty touched by the generosity of the people again,” she said.

Loren Goodman, a member of the Kiwanis’ Aktion Club, volunteered his time to pick up trash around the city because he thought it was a good thing to do.

And his work paid off he won a prize at the barbeque for finding the weirdest piece of trash.

Although Goodman believes the citywide cleanup was successful, he wishes that more people in the community had volunteered their time as well. Last year, more than 150 people participated in the event.

“It would have helped, but they probably had something else to do on a nice sunny day,” he said.

NextStep Recycling set up a recycling station at the Umpqua Bank parking lot for area residents to recycle their old computers and other electronic waste.

“It’s been pretty good,” NextStep Manager Enid Lefton said. “It’s steady.”

About 40 vehicles stopped by to recycle various electronics, including computers, monitors, televisions, stereos and printers.

NextStep will test and clean items with reuse potential and donate them to those who do not have access to technology, while the damaged and obsolete equipment will be recycled at its facility in Eugene.

“Mostly, people are just really happy to have some place to take their electronics when they’re done with them,” Lefton said.

Even though the number of volunteers for the cleanup was lower than previous outings, Cowan trusts that community involvement will increase in the future as the word spreads.

“I believe it will continue to build,” she said.


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